Painting has always been a way for me to control, to 'make things right' in a troubled world. My own history or current events are the driving force behind each series of paintings and drawings. Even in our technological age I feel the human touch and that which transcends the visible hold a major place in our existence.

September 11 stopped me cold. I organized The September 11 Scholarship Fund Exhibition at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. Work began again by tearing paper and sewing it with embroidery thread, then painting it with color and sand - a 'mending' process.

In these works I attempt to 'make whole' that which so easily comes apart. The tearing is a symbol of grief; the color and sewing represent healing. The sand symbolizes the earth

The nature of the medium is expressed in charcoal, cut paper, oil stick, paint, embroidery thread and twine. Although the drawings are graphic, the 'painterly' look comes through. Sometimes a handprint reveals a "connectedness" to what is being said.

The works on paper are immediate and may not always reveal struggle but the light and the dark side remain.

These works were exhibited at the Trustman Gallery, Simmons College.