A Wall of Paper

A series of collages to cover a large wall

The paper bird is a symbol of my childhood in Rome, Georgia. Sold at carnivals, paper birds were tied to a string attached to a stick/handle. When twirled the bird would whistle in the wind. These works signify the artist as builder. 

The bird artist is carrying a strip from a collection of colored scraps to construct the paper work … not hiding the nest of works but rather exposing it to the world. 

The works are built on impulse but periodically questions arise: art and life, an individual life, parts and the whole. The nest is built as shelter …  security in identity as an artist/builder.

The paper works are fragile, open to interpretation. There is an element of play within the structural elements to free the artist/bird from the dark side into the light. For example: Chained symbolizes the freedom from the past that the artist/bird achieves through color and collage. Keyhole is open, showing colors from which to choose the works. Out of Tearing has a double meaning with the word ‘tearing.’

Paper is ephemeral, like memory. My story is here … chapters yet unknown. In various ways, we are all builders. Viewers, now construct your own story!